I Don’t Believe In Fairies – Breast Cancer Part 7

Photo: Monika Evans

I don’t believe in fairies or the healing power of crystals but I bought one with three points when I was trying to conceive my third child, I don’t believe in astrology but I religiously read my stars and I’m pleased as punch by the positivity in my recent predictions. I don’t believe in psychics but one I interviewed told me that my husband wanted me to have white freesias in my bedroom, so I do. I don’t believe in palm readers but I loved the one on Brighton Pier who said I was going to live ’till 94 and die a very rich woman.

But I do believe in karma and Monika Evans.

I met Monika in Deia, Mallorca  three years ago when I was running writing retreats and she worked for Lynne Franks, my employer. Amongst Monika’s many  and varied talents and qualifications, she’s a Reiki Master with a BA in Modern History and Politics, an MSc in European Studies and a Post Grad Diploma in International Journalism, she also  ’interprets the ancient wisdom and symbolism of the Tarot applying it to modern life for divination, healing and soul guidance.’

However you interpret that, what I most certainly know is that with extraordinary accuracy, gentleness and good humour, over the last few years her readings for me have been pertinent, down to earth and, when I’ve looked back over a period of time, scarily predictive – but scary in a good way!

When I told a friend recently after I was diagnosed,  that I was going to have a Skype reading with Monika  she looked horrified, ‘Are you sure you should?’ Envisaging death and the reaper sneaking onto the table with glee. I thought that maybe I was playing devil’s advocate but I trusted Monika to break it to me gently!

It was the most positive reading I have ever had. One thing struck home with me, ‘You may look back in two years time and think that breast cancer was not such a bad thing in your life.’ With my usual cynicism, I guffawed  but now, more and more I can see what she means. I am taking better care of myself; friends and family have helped me feel even more loved and supported. As my eldest son said recently, ‘The things you are going through remind me what’s important.’

You can reach Monika for a Skype reading at monika.evans@hotmail.com, tell her I sent you.


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