Internet dating is HELL? 10

You gotta move on…

Photo: Jonathan Prew

Mr & Mrs Kingett, circa 70s

I’ve thrown in the towel, the soap and the scrubby gloves. Adieu internet dating, for all your success stories, you ain’t for me.

James Brindle, in an article for the Observer Sunday 9 February 2014 reported, ‘The American National Academy of Sciences reported in 2013 that more than a third of people who married in the US between 2005 and 2012 met their partner online, and half of those met on dating sites.’  I believe you, honest I do. And the multitude of friends with their allegorical reports of  love and long-term happiness found by friend’s of friends.  But it hurts too much; too many opportunities for rejection, deception and down right nastiness.  Internet  dating is for the brave and far too often, for the dishonest and deluded.

My kids’ retort, in the early years after my husband died, was, ‘You’ve been lucky, you  had a great relationship that lasted 32 years. Why look for another?’ And despite my deep desire to not die a relict, as engraved on countless ivy-covered  tombstones in Abney Park, maybe they are right. But it’s hard not to want to replicate something that worked so well and that, in itself, can get you into deep merde when you’re in a new relationship – because the other half wants that too.

Pah. I wish all of you good luck, I’m off to Milan to revisit old haunts, eat myself stupid and start a new blog on a subject yet decided. Thanks for reading. Carpe diem.


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