Otherwise known as blowing your own trumpet but be reassured that others, as nervous and sceptical as you, have survived my classes and enjoyed and benefited by my writing and encouragement. And there is always homemade cake…or good cheese…or freshly baked biscuits.

‘Elaine’s writing has great life. Her voice has immense colour and energy, and her frank and funny fiction is full of passion, insight and wisdom. She’s also a warm and inspiring teacher much loved by the writers she works with.’ Andrew Wille, book doctor and creative writing tutor.

‘I came across Elaine’s writing quite by accident and once I’d got onto her website, I found it hard to leave. She writes beautifully and poignantly about the stuff that really matters, but always with a wry sense of humour that avoids cliches and sentimentality. I particularly loved her piece on clearing out her mum’s house when she’d passed away. It was full of detail and tenderness.’ Katy Regan, author and journalist.

‘Elaine’s writing is brave, honest and inspirational. Her features about being widowed young, dating again, finding new love, selling the family home and single life, to name but a few of the subjects she has tackled, always connect in a very direct and emotional way with our readers.’ Tessa Hilton, Editor-at-Large, Woman&Home Magazine

‘Thanks for another great session, you create such a nice writing environment, with brilliant exercises and I don’t think that’s as easy as you make it look – I love coming.’ Emma

‘I would recommend these classes to anyone.’ Dannie.

‘Thanks again for your wonderful classes – they have been the most lovely, unexpected part of my maternity leave. If I could only afford one class a week, it would be this. It has been the best thing I have done with Jesse for myself. It has been such a cathartic experience and now I have an amazing record of the first year of motherhood as well as a fantastic outlet for any frustration I might have. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I’ve made some really good friends in the class as well.’ Emma.

‘I see it almost more as therapy than a learning how to write class – it always chills me out as well. I really enjoy Elaine’s company.’ Jo

‘Elaine, thank you so much for such a lovely two hour session. It was wonderful! My brain feels fully awake, it’s lovely. Your class is the highlight of my week.’ Alanna

‘Just want to say a big thank you to Elaine for hosting these. They have been unexpectedly funny, addictive and inspiring; I think we’ve all forged stronger friendships and understandings of each other and ourselves.’ Marcy

‘I am addicted to this class – it has been the highlight of my week and my maternity leave. A perfect mix of creative exercises and therapy have reminded me that I am so much more than ‘just a mum’. Thank you, Elaine.’ Jess

‘Elaine’s class never fails to pick me up; every week it shows me something new about myself, about my perspective on life. It’s been a luxury of self-expression that I will sorely miss when I return to work. It’s completely unique in the world of new motherhood. Between the baby-massage, baby-yoga, signing, swimming, sensory, nothing else exists that is purely for mum – on an emotional, personal, psychological level. With the added bonus that Elaine is amazing with the babies which allows you to find your creative space.’ Amy

Photo of Tracey Emin neon at The Gunton Arms, Norfolk.


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