Creative Writing and Drinking Salon

Where and when?

Every Wednesday evening 8 – 10.00pm in Stoke Newington, N16


Unique workshops that give you space and encouragement to write down your life in notebook form, to re-discover the power of pen on paper and the therapeutic benefits of life-writing.  An opportunity to delve in your subconscious and re-kindle your creative voice in a calm, peaceful and supportive environment. These classes are not about publication, technique, grammar or spelling. They are about the importance of recording your daily life, in hard copy rather than digital, for yourself and future generations

How much?

£30 per session.

But I have no experience? I’m not a writer?

No experience necessary and I’ll show you that you are!

What will I actually do?

We start with free writing to clear our heads, then more structured exercises. You don’t have to share what you’ve written, most do but there’s no pressure. Memoir, autobiography, creative writing, poetry – lots of laughs and a few surprises. There is a strong confidentiality clause so everyone feels safe to write honestly about themselves.

What do I need?

Sense of adventure, sense of humour and a notebook and pen

What others say:

‘I would recommend these classes to anyone.’ Dannie

‘I see it almost more as therapy than a learning how to write class – it always chills me out as well. I really enjoy Elaine’s company.’ Nina

‘Elaine’s class never fails to pick me up; every week it shows me something new about myself, about my perspective on life. It’s a luxury of self-expression – nothing else exists like this on an emotional, personal or psychological level.’ Amy

‘Thanks for another great session, you create such a nice writing environment, with brilliant exercises and I don’t think that’s as easy as you make it look – I love coming.’ Emma



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