Radio 2 – Breast Cancer Part 13

I’ve hit the wall – 10 days into radiotherapy, five more to go and suddenly, sitting still seems such a good idea. Gazing at my laptop screen, planning what I would do if I could be arsed. Listening to Snatam Kaur and wishing I was Costa Rica. I’ve ordered new hall carpet, cleaned the kitchen shelves, dug out the electric heaters. It’s like nesting for a baby, I’m in waiting.

Waiting for the waves to leave my body, my energy to return and breast cells to rejuvenate. My nipple’s a bit sore, I missed that bit with the aloe. Strange really, it’s hardly diminutive but playing with my nipples has always been someone else’s job.

The best thing about Barts is Maplins, there’s one at the bus stop where I get off. The shop smells of men and every woman needs a good three-way plug.

Next week I will discover the joys of on-line shopping with Waitrose and will mostly be making Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies.

See you on the other side.



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