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Morning meditation on Write It Down! writing holiday at Finca Buenvino in Spain: time to breathe, time to relax, time to dream…

New Year’s Day is meant to be a time for celebration and resolution, forward into the  Brave New World of whenever. But the BNW of 2018 looks a bit damn scary to me and I bet my last slice of [homemade, Delia Smith] Christmas cake that I’m not the only one. So, here’s the practises that worked last year for me and kept me off the Citalopram, Tinder, hard liquor and digital diatribes.

1] One Day At a Time

Like a dismissive pat on the head by a well-meaning but rather unbothered friend, who’s just caught the eye of someone rather less needy over your shoulder at a party, this phrase can stick in the craw but three years of living with a terminally ill husband initially taught me the value of this one. As my mother used to say, ‘You’ll never get this day again, Elaine. Don’t wish your life away.’

2] Live In The Now

That’s another that jangles uncomfortably against all the forward planning we feel we should be doing today. What about what we didn’t do last year? What about what we’re meant to do tomorrow?  But take a moment and be grateful for what and who you have. Right now.

3] Concentrate on Your Breathing

Oh yeah, like I forget to breathe? Well yes, forget to slow it down. Forget to count for four breathing in, six out. Forget to relax my shoulders and relax my jaw. This exercise sorted out my years of panic attacks.

Repeat as required. Happy 2018 everyone, there will be good times!

NB: You know all that stuff around ay the moment about, ‘New year, new you’? Pshaw! Just how you are, is perfect right now. Believe it.




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